Month: July 2017

Interesting Facts On Michelle Bombshell You Need To Know

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Michelle Bombshell, the 24 years old tattoo model, is also addressed as McGee. There are various reasons why people become tattoo artist and the chief reason why notorious swastika model, McGee, became a tattoo artist is that she has the amazing knack for drawing beautiful images. She has the ability to express herself, bears experience and skills in drawing tattoos. She admires body illustrations despite being raised Amish. She grew up in a conservative family and thus left the church at a tender age of 16 to pursue her dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. Michelle Bombshell moved to California in order to become a tattoo artist and to pursue her dreams. She reportedly says that she never ever turned back.

Michelle Bombshell, the iconic tattoo artist is also the mother of two kids. As per the landlord of McGee, she was really a nice girl having two kids but not many visitors came to her. Hollywood Life has stated that she is also a stripper who has stripped at several clubs. Currently, she strips under the name of ‘Avery’ at the Platinum Club. It is interesting to note that she bears a resemblance to the past lover of James. As per the Gossip Blogs, the tattoo artist bears resemblance to the ex-wife of Jesse James and also the fellow enthusiast, Janine Lindemulder. Another source reveals that Janine Lindemulder is the porn star with whom James and Bullock were involved in the child custody case.

The tattoo model is claimed to have an affair with Jesse James, the husband of Sandra Bullock. She admits that she had affair with him but she would never be involved if she knew that he was married. According to her, Jesse James gave the impression that he was not involved with Sandra Bullock and that they were living separately.

As per Michelle Bombshell, her relationship lasted for 11 months. She clearly states that she was having an affair with him when Bullock was shooting for “The Blind Side”. As the infidelity surfaced, Bullock left the home she shared with James. This report came just two weeks after when Jesse was seen with Bullock at an Academy Award function held on March 7. This was the day when Bullock won an Oscar for “The Blind Side”.

McGee, the confident tattoo artist advertises herself as the hottest tattoo artist, the most daring fetish model one can ever meet on the webcam. Interestingly, in her profile, she states that one must have affair with inked tattoo artist like her. Along with stating her age as 24 years on the webcam, she also states that she attained a bachelor’s degree in Biology and had completed 2 years in the medical school. She was further pursuing a master’s degree in the subject, Bio Chemistry. As per the sources, she has stated that the marriage of Jesse to Sandra was a sham, a publicity stunt. Besides all such talks that we have, Michelle Bombshell is an amazing tattoo artist, the busty, hot and sizzling tattoo artist.