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Adult themed costume ideas to spice up your love life

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Troubles in the love nest? Feeling like you’re acting like an old couple already? Where’s all that fire from the first days of your relationship?

Probably you got bored. And that made your partner tired. Or vice versa. It’s a common thing in every relationship for things to start slowing down. You’re not paying attention to the details anymore. You’re taking your relationship for granted.adult halloween costumes

Fortunately, there’re always some smart and easy ways to start the engines of love again. In case you were wondering what can you do right now to get the things in the bedroom back on the track, here are some crazy themed costume ideas to start with.

Adult Superhero Costumes

The art of seduction starts with the self-confidence. You can win over your partner again if you’re scared of experimenting. Forget about the fears and evil thoughts and step into the costume of your favourite superhero!

Everyone dreamed about fighting for the justice and rescuing their loved ones from a villain. An adult superhero costume can be an effective way to light the spark in your partner’s eyes. Girls love superheroes because that’s the time they can play to be ladies in trouble. On the other hand, guys like to see a confident, fearless woman dressed as a superhero. They will try to win her over, so make sure you don’t get too much into the role. Let him be the man in the bed – and watch how your love life gets spiced up again!

Adult Halloween Costumes

Adult Halloween Costumes can also be an excellent way to spice up your love life. These group of costumes can offer you creativity, and the possibility to experiment with different characters and moods.

Also, these dresses are meant for couples who like creepy and weird things. You can start with a vampire costume, and add some romantic ending to your love game. Or, if you choose a werewolf costume, you will make your partner scared and excited at the same time – and you can add the moment of transformation for real fun. Another idea is for the girls: dress up like a sexy witch who is about to capture and bewitch a handsome prince – that will surely make your partner go crazy!

Adult Fairytale Costumes

adult halloween costumesFairytales aren’t just for the kids. Adults love to play the primordial roles of the prince and the princess in the bedroom. That brings a flair of the childhood innocence to the love game, which is fun.

As for the male costume, the prince in the shining armour is a safe route. There’s an unlikely chance that you’ll go wrong with it – and your partner is going to feel more related to you. Female costumes offer a wider choice since every fairytale is based around a female character. You can dress up like a Snowhite, cute mermaid, or princess – and you can’t go wrong with any of this.